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What is SQA4Desktop?
What is SQA4Desktop?

Internet users interchange e-mails, browse Web pages, download files of different types or create new ones as part of their daily life activities. All the information generated by these processes is heterogeneous in nature: the data is represented in different formats, handled with different tools, and is related to different topics or user activities. Managing his/her own information in an effective manner is thus difficult for the user.

The Semantic Desktop tackles this problem by bringing the ideas and the technologies of the Semantic Web into the personal computer desktop. The main aim of the Semantic Desktop is to integrate the heterogeneous data sources of the user into a formal knowledge base, easier to manage and share with other users.

As a prerequisite for applying Semantic Web technologies to a certain domain of knowledge an ontological model of the domain is required. In the Gnowsis Semantic Desktop, the PIMO (Personal Information Model Ontology) addresses this problem by providing a generic lightweight ontology whose classes model the main concepts involved in the daily activities of a person: places, organizations, persons, etc. But in order to be fully useful for a certain user, this generic model needs to be personalized and populated, adding more classes and concrete instances of the existent classes.

We have integrated the SQA system with the Gnowsis semantic desktop, with the intend of establishing a symbiotic relation between the two systems. SQA reachs the user desktop due to the integration, and the search and annotation capabilities are now not limited to the materials published in the Web, but also to those at the personal computer. From the Gnowsis side, SQA provides a low-cost mechanism for resource annotation, and, due to the fact that annotations come from user queries that usually reflect user interests, also a mechanism to capture the user interest and populate the PIMO.

Apart from this integration, SQA4Desktop explores the possibility of using Wikipedia in the process of resource tagging. This kind of semantic tagging reduces some of the problems of keyword-based tagging (as the one used in del.icio.us or Flickr), like ambiguity of some tags.

SQA4Desktop has been implemented as a service for Gnowsis version 0.9.0. The source code of this implementation is freely available for download. This distribution includes all the libraries needed by the service and an Ant script to help the user in the compilation and service deployment tasks. A README.txt file with installation instructions is provided to guide the process.

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PIMO Population and Semantic Annotation for the Gnowsis Semantic Desktop
Fernández-García, N.; Sauermann, L.; Sánchez-Fernández, L.; Bernardi, A..
In proceedings of the Semantic Desktop and Social Semantic Collaboration Workshop, SemDesk 2006, colocated with the 5th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2006. Athens, Georgia, USA.
CEUR-WS Vol. 202
Contact person Norberto Fernández
Institution Web technologies lab (webTlab), Telematics Engineering Deparment, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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