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Ubiquitous Computing

Computación Ubicua

This is the home page of Ubiquitous Computing of the Máster Interuniversitario en Ingeniería Telemática. We recommend to check this page frequently for updates in the conferences, and student presentations. The presentations will be published in Aula Global.

Professors Andrés Marín López (AML), 4.1C12
Carlos García Rubio (CGR), 4.1F14
Celeste Campo Vázquez (CCV), 4.1C10
Florina Almenárez Mendoza (FAM), 4.1F05 (Coord.)
Daniel Díaz Sánchez (DDS), 4.0F04
Master Program Máster Interuniversitario de Ingeniería Telemática
Schedule Tuesdays  18:00 - 20:00
Thursdays 18:00 - 20:00
Hall 4.0.E02



  • The lectures will start on Tuesday, 24th February 2009
  • On Tuesday 17th March 2009 there will be no class


The proliferation of devices with enhanced communication and processing capabilities (e.g. mobile phones, PDAs, set-top boxes, appliances, etc.)  has given rise to a series of new technologies, changing what was known as distributed computing and then as mobile computing, and today covers under the name of ubiquitous computing (or pervasive computing). These technologies seek to create transparent environments to the user in which these devices with limited processing capability and intermittent communication cooperate in a inteligent way.

The aim of this course is to present the state of researches being carried out in the field of ubiquitous computing.

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  Administrative aspects of the course

The evaluation will consist of a final exam and the presentation of the assignments. Assignments consist of a document that will be presented by the student, either in spanish or in english. The document is expected to be 3 to 5 pages length, and must include a section with the student's original ideas, criticism or some other form of personal contribution. The document format must be like standard scientific articles: title, abstract, several sections, conclusions, and a list of bibliographic references (some of them must not be URLs of web pages).

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  Session scheduling

# Date Title Professor
1 24th Feb. Presentation
2 26th Feb. Introduction to ubiquitous computing AML
3 3rd Mar. Mobile agents and multi-agent platforms AML
4 5th Mar. Mobility support paradigms (I) CGR
5 10th Mar. Seminario A

6 12th Mar. Seminario A

7 17th Mar.

8 24th Mar. Mobility support paradigms (II) CGR
9 26th Mar. Service discovery protocols (I) CCV
10 31st Mar. Service discovery protocols (II) CCV
11 2nd Abr. Access Control Systems and Languages (I) DDS
12 14th Abr. Access Control Systems and Languages (II) FAM
13 16th Abr. Security mechanisms for network selection and authorization in UC DDS
14 21st Abr. Trust models in ubiquitous computing FAM
15 23rd Abr. Student assignments AML,CGR,CCV,FAM, DDS
16 28th Abr. Seminario B
17 30th Abr. Seminario B
18 5th May
19 7th May
20 12th May
21 14th May

22 19th May Invited conference: Topology Control in Sensor Networks (I) Dr. Miguel Labrador
23 21st May Invited conference: Topology Control in Sensor Networks (II) Dr. Miguel Labrador
24 26th May
25 28th May Student presentation AML,CGR,CCV,FAM, DDS
26 2nd Jun. Student presentation AML,CGR,CCV,FAM, DDS
27 4th Jun.

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  Assignments list

Student presentations scheduling

# Date Student Supervisor Title
1 28th May Sara Villanueva R. CGR SIP-based Mobility Management
2 28th May Patricia Arias C. FAM Federated Identity Management in Next Generation Networks (NGNs)
3 28th May Sofia Martínez A. DDS Trust negotiation systems for mobile devices
4 2nd June Israel Gutiérrez AML Semantic Web Services using Mobile Agents
5 2nd June Derick Leony A. CCV Service Discovery Protocols in Multihop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
6 2nd June Alberto Gordillo M. CCV Service discovery in vehicular networks
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A list of references, links to journals, magazines, standarization bodies can be found here.

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