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 Apuntweets - Collaboration tool to annotate educational resources integrated with Twitter

Apuntweets (apuntes, Spanish for "notes" + tweets) is a e-learning project that allow teachers and students to annotate educational resources (class notes, lab session wordings, etc.) from creation and up-to-dating, to interactions in the class or at home. A tool is going to be designed and developed, based on web technologies (HTML5, Javascript, PHP), that enables the participation of teaching staff and learners in discussions about educational resources, for instance the teacher notes of a session. Taking advantage of social networks and microblogging hype, it will have a social layer based on Twitter, accessing its services via the Twitter API. Apuntweets will allow teachers to upload their notes to the tool as a web page, and students can comment on them, ask questions, solve peers problems, offer alternatives, etc. using their Twitter clients or directly inside the tool.

Student: Carlos Azaustre

 Web visualization of real time stock exchange data

The objective of this project is the study of a series of technologies that enable the real time visualization of broadcasted stock exchange prices, and implement a simple application as the proof-of-concept of the theoretical study. For that purpose, we will make use of state-of-the-art web technologies:

  • HTML5
  • nodejs on the server side for processing input data, formatted in FastFix (usual protocol in stock exchange environments); we may make use of the OpenFast, QuickFast or any other protocol commonly used in the stock market
  • Possible usage of visualization projects like hummingbird, that have a nodejs module for real time data visualization; this project, make use of websockets to speed the communication between clients and the server, and mongodb in the backend
  • For data visualization, we will make use of javascript libraries like d3, raphael, heatmap, etc. or standalone solutions like extJS

Other issues to have in mind:

  • Our objective is that user experience was similar to the desktop software clients for real time broadcasted data
  • The project should be able to deal with great volume of data, since it's usual in this kind of environments
  • The project will be developed in collaboration with Visual Trader Systems, and the publication of results (or part of them) will be published with an open license agreed with the enterprise

Student: Juan Ramón Martín

 Integral assessment platform

To be defined

Students: Fernando Flores y David Torralbo

 Ideas for future projects
  • Explore the usage of agile development of mobile applications with web technologies, using tools like Phonegap or Titanium Appcelerator. For instance, the project could consists on contributing in the development of Wikipedia for Android.
  • Design and development of educational games using HTML5, making use of existing game engines like LimeJS or RPG JS. In this case, the first step is to think of a game porposal, thinking of learning scenarios at K-12, high school, higher education, workplace learning, etc.
  • Based on the implementation of a terminal application based on web technologies like GateOne, implement modifications in order to use this product for teaching subjects that require the usage of the terminal: create recordings of teacher explanations, log terminal events in a server, etc.
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