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Ztreamy: a middleware for publishing semantic streams on the Web

Jesús Arias Fisteus, Norberto Fernández García, Luis Sánchez Fernández, Damaris Fuentes-Lorenzo

Journal of Web Semantics (In print).


Abstract: In order to make the semantic sensor Web a reality, middleware for efficiently publishing semantically-annotated data streams on the Web is needed. Such middleware should be designed to allow third parties to reuse and mash-up data coming from streams. These third parties should even be able to publish their own value-added streams derived from other streams and static data. In this work we present Ztreamy,a scalable middleware platform for the distribution of semantic data streams through HTTP. The platform provides an API for both publishing and consuming streams, as well as built-in filtering services based on data semantics. A key contribution of our proposal with respect to other related systems in the state of the art is its scalability.Our experiments with Ztreamy show that a single server is able, in some configurations, to publish a real-time stream to up to 40000 simultaneous clients with delivery delays of just a few seconds, largely outperforming other systems in the state of the art.

Download preprint at: Journal of Web Semantics Preprint Server

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