XHTMLpedia: a browsable guide to the XHTML DTDs


XHTMLpedia is a guide that provides the contents of XHTML DTDs in a browsable way, much easier to understand than the actual DTDs. I'm still working on it to provide more information, improve readability and enhance the presentation style, but the basic content is already available. Try it!

If you are looking for a way to translate your HTML files into XHTML automatically, try html2xhtml.

If you want to check the well-formedness and validity of your XHTML documents, try the W3C HTML/XHTML markup validation service.

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XHTML specifications

If you need more information about XHTML and its versions, read the official specifications and DTDs:

XHTMLpedia displays information based on the versions of the official W3C DTDs. From time to time, W3C releases new versions of those DTDs with bug fixes and changes due to the development of new versions of the recommendations. The version currently displayed by XHTMLpedia is based on the DTDs available on March 26 2009.