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Portable OpenSSL 0.9.8a

Windows CE 4.20/ Windows Mobile Platform

Compatibility Library for Building OpenSSL using a text console in the PDA








Daniel Díaz Sánchez



Andrés Marín Lopez

Florina Almenarez Mendoza

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Escuela Politécnica Superior
Edificio Torres Quevedo
Avda de la Universidad, 30
28911 Leganés (Madrid) SPAIN


This work has received the support of the European Commission through the IST programme, as part of the IST Ubisec project.




Is well known that Microsoft WCE operating system based PDAs do not implement text console. There are some implementations of console drivers that allow having available a text console in Windows Mobile. The most representative is Pocket console console driver (symbolic tools) that is compatible with Windows CMD. Just installing Pocket Console and then installing Windows CMD, it will work fine.


This patch allows building Openssl to be used directly in the PDA using Pocket Console as Console driver and Microsoft CMD console interpreter as text console. Current WCE binaries are linked against a library (wcecompat) that redirects stdin and stdout to a host computer via active sync so unless the PDA is plugged in the cradle OpenSSL.exe and other apps cannot be used (since is not possible to see the output). This patch allows using a console in the PDA and running OpenSSL applications directly as can be done in a Windows XP operating system. (see the SCREENSHOTS)









  • wce_lite_compat.zip  our compatibility libraries taked from MOZCE project
  • Install.wce  instructions to build OpenSSL
  • OpenSSL 0.9.8a (zip) source with minor changes to build OpenSSL for Windows Mobile
  • OpenSSL_binary (.zip)  zipped binaries, ready for PDAs with ARM processor
  • Patch  (diff -r -2) for oficial Openssl 0.9.8a version
  • Patch  (diff –Nru) for oficial Openssl 0.9.8a version


 Documentation: HowTo


  • Have a look at Install.wce for the software needed and the how-to







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