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Computer Networks II

Year: 5
Credits: 6 (3T + 3P)
Term: 1
Hours/Week: 4
Lecturers: Simon Pickin (lectures), Rafael Sánchez (labs and problems), (coordinator Celeste Campo)
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To acquire detailed knowledge of end-to-end transport layer functions and the main types of applications in data networks.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Transport layer: TCP.
  3. Name service: DNS.
  4. Classic services:
    • Remote login: telnet, rlogin.
    • File transfer: FTP, TFTP.
  5. Web: HTTP.
  6. Electronic mail service: SMTP, POP3, IMAP and MIME.
  7. File servers: NFS (plus RPC, XDR, MOUNT, NLM/NSM).

The detailed course plan is given in the following table. The lectures will be given in room 4.2.E02 and the lab sessions in room 4.1B01.

The slides will be made available on Aula Global in PDF format. The description of the practical assignment will be made available on Aula Global in HTML format.

Semana Mes Día Tema
1 sep 15 Presentation / introduction
16 TCP
2 22 TCP
23 TCP
3 29 DNS
30 DNS
4 oct 6 Telnet/Rlogin
5 13 Introduction to socket programming and to the lab
14 Lab
6 20 HTTP
21 Lab
7 27 HTTP
28 Lab
8 nov 3 Electronic mail
4 Lab
9 10 Electronic mail
11 Lab
10 17 Electronic Mail
18 NFS
11 24 NFS
25 Lab
12 dec 1 Problem class
2 Problem class
9 Lab
14 15 Problem class
16 Problem class
Simon Pickin


In addition to lectures and problem classes, there will be 8 lab sessions in which to work on the practical assignment. The specification of this assignment will soon be available on Aula Global.
  • The assigment to be submitted in September will not be the same as that to be submitted in February.
  • The lab sessions are on Wednesdays, in the same time-slot as the lectures (19:00 a 21:00), though you may also wish to work on the assignment outside class times by connecting to the lab computers via ssh from any computer on the Internet and working remotely on any day of the week and at any time of day.
  • The practical assignment will be carried out on PCs running Linux in the Ingeniería Telemática lab 4.1B01. As already stated, you may connect to them from computers external to the university. The computers named name.lab.it.uc3m.es, where name is monitor01, monitor02 o monitor03, are always in Linux.
  • To use the Ingeniería Telemática lab computers, you will need to have an account in the Ingeniería Telemática labs. You can ask for an account using this form (initial login and password given out in class). To change the password of your account, you may use this form. Note that you must be registered in Aula Global in order to be able to manage your account; if you are not registered, contact Simon Pickin by e-mail. Accounts are single-user (each student has the right to one account) and are to be used for all the courses you may be following in the Ingeniería Telemática Area.
  • It is mandatory that the practical assignment be carried out and submitted in pairs (i.e. groups of two).

The details of the assessment scheme for the course can be found in the course handbook, along with other essential information. You should study this document carefully and in case of any doubt get in touch with the Simon Pickin. This information was also given on the first day of classes as part of the course presentation.

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