Architecture of Communication Networks (bilingual)

This is the unofficial home page of the English part of the lecture "Architecture of Communication Networks (bilingual)". I will provide material for this course on this web page in addition to Aula Global for some time.

Slides for the Theoretical Sessions

You can download the PDFs (2x2 per page) from the lecture slides using the links below.

Slides without the Background Graphics

To create these slides, I only deleted the background images from the master template to reduce the size of the PDF files. These slides are the latest version of the above slides including all changes.

Material for the Presentations

The topics for the presentations in January.
The schedule is now as follows:

Material for the Laboratory Practices

Past Exams

A collection of tasks from past exams (partly with solutions). Unfortunately, they are in Spanish only (but I will translate them if you request me to do so).

A collection of theoretical questions from previous exams (to be answered without books, sketches or the like).

Announcements, Comments, Schedule etc.

First teaching quality feedback meeting (together with the Spanish coordinator of the lecture): Thursday, 7th of November 2003, 13:10 (at the beginning of the lecture).

Additional Material, Links, etc.

General Bibliography

Chapter 2

Part I

The RIRs:

Part II: Peering


Chapter 3: Introduction to Multicast

Chapter 4: Multicast Routing

Chapter 5: IPv6

Part I: Introduction to IPv6

Part II: IPv4/IPv6 Transition Mechanisms

Chapter 6: Quality of Service

Part I: Introduction to Quality of Service in Packet-Switched Networks

Part II: Scheduling

Part III: Integrated Services and Differentiated Services

Chapter 7: Multimedia Applications

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