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Communication Software Laboratory

To learn XML as a markup meta-lenguage. To understand how to define new languages by specialising XML for a particular application and how to process XML documents either to visualise them (presentation) or in the development of other types of applications (programming).

Week Date   Room     Lecturer   Content (approx.)
01   Feb. 4th   4.2.E02 SP     Course presentation
    Review of HTML, CSS, Web accessibility
    Web accessibility presentation
02   Feb. 11th   4.2.E02 SP     Introduction to XML and DTDs
03   Feb. 18th   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: DTDs and XML Presentation (CSS and XSL)
04   Feb. 25th   4.2.E02 SP     XML Schemas
05   Mar. 4th   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: accessible XHTML
08   Mar. 11th   4.2E.02 SP     XPath and XSL
07   Mar. 18th   4.2E.02 SP     XPath and XSL
09   Mar. 25th   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: XSLT
11   Apr. 1st       Public holiday: Maundy Thursday (also April fools' day)
10   Apr. 8th   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: XSLT
12   Apr. 15th   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: SAX, DOM, JDOM
13   Apr. 22nd   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: SAX, DOM, JDOM
14   Apr. 29th   4.2.E02 SP     XML-RPC and Web Services
15   Mar. 6th   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: Web services
16   Mar. 13th   4.S.D03 MAC     Lab: Web services
    Jun. 10th   2.3.C01     June Exam (in the morning)
    Sep. 16th   ?     September Exam (in the afternoon)

Group   Day   Time
95-5 (afternoon)   Thursday   19:00-21:00
See http://www.it.uc3m.es/spickin/
  • 40% of the marks for the theory exam
  • 60% of the marks for the obligatory practical assignments carried out during the term
  • A pass mark must be obtained in each of these two parts considered separately
  • Electronic Publication
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Communication between applications (from file-based communication between programs to communication between agents over a network)
  • Distance Learning
  • ...
  • Any structured markup of data

General Web Publishing




XML Schema


Web accessibility



XML Processing (SAX, DOM,...)

Web Services


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