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Iria M. Estévez Ayres
Iria Estévez Ayres
Assistant Professor

Phone: (+34) 91-624-8746
Fax: (+34) 91-624-8749
Iria Manuela Estévez Ayres
Iria Manuela Estévez Ayres
Address: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
Avda. de la Universidad, 30
E-28911 Leganés (Madrid) Spain
Visits: Escuela Politécnica Superior · Torres Quevedo Building ·
Office 4.1.A06

 TEACHING (2014/2015)
  • Wednesdays from 12:00 until 13:30 (Preferent)
  • Wednesdays from 16:00 until 17:30
  • Thursdays from 17:00 until 19:00
  • Others: by appointment

During the preferred hour, I will be in the office even if no appointment has been previously set. The rest of hours are those in which appointments can be set through an email exchange.


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Selected publications

  • [Estévez-Ayres et al (in press)]
    Iria Estévez-Ayres, Carlos Alario-Hoyos, Mar Pérez-Sanagustín, Abelardo Pardo, Raquel Crespo-García, Derick Leony, Hugo A. Parada G, Carlos Delgado-Kloos. A Methodology for improving Active Learning Engineering Courses with a large number of Students and Teachers through Feedback Gathering and Iterative refinement International Journal of Technology and Design Education, Accepted Sept 2014, Electronic Edition. DOI: 10.1007/s10798-014-9288-6
  • [Estévez-Ayres et al 14]
    Iria Estévez-Ayres, Pablo Basanta-Val, Marisol García-Valls. Composing and scheduling service-oriented applications in TT-distributed Real-time Java environments Concurrency and Computation. Practice and Experience, vol 26(1), pp. 152-193, January 2014. Electronic Edition. Bibtex. DOI: 10.1002/cpe.2958
  • [Estévez-Ayres et al 13]
    Iria Estévez-Ayres, Raquel M. Crespo-García, Jesús A. Fisteus, Carlos Delgado Kloos An Algorithm for Peer Review Matching in Massive Courses for Minimising Students' Frustration J. Universal Computer Science, vol 19(15), pp. 2173-2197, September 2013 Electronic Edition. Bibtex. DOI: 10.3217/jucs-019-15-2173
  • [Estévez-Ayres et al 11]
    Iria Estévez-Ayres, Marisol García-Valls, Pablo Basanta-Val, Jorge Díez-sánchez. A hybrid approach for selecting service-based real-time composition algorithms in heterogeneous environments Concurrency and Computation. Practice and Experience, vol. 23(15), pp. 1816-1851,Oct. 2011. Electronic Edition. Bibtex. DOI: 10.1002/cpe.1766
  • [Estévez-Ayres et al 09]
    Iria Estévez-Ayres, Pablo Basanta-Val, Marisol García-Valls, Jesús A. Fisteus and Luís Almeida. QoS-aware Real-Time Composition Algorithms for Service-Based Applications IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol 5 (3), pp. 278-288,Aug. 2009. Electronic Edition. Bibtex. DOI: 10.1109/TII.2009.2026422
  • List of publications

Research Projects:

  • eMadrid: Investigación y Desarrollo de Tecnologías para el e-Learning en la Comunidad de Madrid (S2009/TIC-1650, Proyecto regional, 1 ene 2010-31 dic 2013) (S2013/ICE-2715, Proyecto regional, 1 oct 2014- 30 sep 2018),
  • iLAND: mIddLewAre for deterministic dynamically reconfigurable NetworkeD embedded systems. (ARTEMIS Joint Technology Initiative, Comisión Europea); 2009 - 2012.
  • ARTISTDesign Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design (7th Framework Programme). IST-2007-214373; 2008-2010.
  • ARTIST2 Network of Excellence - Embedded Systems Design. IST-2004-004527; 2004-2007.
  • ARTIST - Advanced Real-Time Systems. IST-2001-34820; 2001-2004.

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