Telematic/Audiovisual Syst./Communication Syst. Engineering

Systems Architecture

September 2017 - January 2018

Course Planning

Week Code Session Type Activities
Sep. 3-7 INT-M Course presentation M
DSP-L1 Your work environment in Linux L
Sep. 10-14 DSP-M1 The C Programming Language M
DSP-L1 Your work environment in Linux L
Sep. 18-22 DSP-M2 C pointers M
DSP-L2 Compiling C programs and printf function L
Sep. 24-28 MMC-M1 Dynamic memory management in C M
DSP-LR Review exercises (DSP) L
Oct. 1-5 MMC-M2 Dynamic Data Structures M
MMC-L1 Reading/writing text in C (by keyboard/screen) L
Oct. 8-12 MMC-M3 Memory leaks in C M
MMC-L3 Detecting memory leaks and debugging L
Oct. 15-19 MSA-M1 Revision and exercices M
MMC-LE In lab exam (10%) L,E
Oct. 22-26 PRJ-M1 Class of Exercises M
MMC-L2 Programming with linked lists L
Oct. 30- Nov.3 PRJ-M3 File Input/Output operations M
PRJ-L1 Milestone 1: Data structure, project modules and reading loop. L
Nov. 5-9 PRJ-ME Partial exam (10 %) M,E
PRJ-L2 Milestone 2: Functionality 1 to 3 L
Nov. 12-26 CES-M1 Concurrent programming: threads M
PRJ-L3 Milestone 3 (from 4 to 6) and partial tests. L
Nov. 19-23 CES-M2 Concurrent programming (cnt'd) M
PRJ-L4 Milestone 4: Functionalities 6 to 10 L
Nov. 26-30 CES-M3 Miscellaneous C: function pointers, and dynamic libraries M
PRJ-LE Partial submission (10%) and project exam (10%) L,E
Dec. 3-7        
CES-L1 Milestone 5: Concurrent autosave L
Dec. 18 PRJ-L6 Project submission (20%) -
Jan. 14 E0 Final Exam (40% with 4/10 minimum) E
Jun. 14 EE Extraordinary Exam (40% or 100% with 4/10 minimum) E

M: Master session, L: Lab, R: Review, E: Exam.