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Ángel Cuevas Rumín
Ramón y Cajal Fellow

Teléfono: (+34) 91-624-6235
Dirección: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Avda de la Universidad, 30
E-28911 Leganés (Madrid) Spain
Visitas: Escuela Politécnica Superior · Edificio Torres Quevedo ·
Despacho 4.0.F08



    • Spreadsheets (mutiple degrees)[18-19][19-20][20-21]
    • Content Delivery Networks (Master in Big Data Analytics)[19-20]
    • Content Delivery Networks (MSc in Telematic Engineering)[14-15][15-16][16-17][17-18][18-19]
    • Switching (3rd year, 2nd Semester, Bachelor in Telematics Engineering)[12-13][13-14][14-15][15-16][16-17][17-18][18-19][19-20][20-21]
    • Switching (3rd year, 2nd Semester, Bachelor in Communication System Engineering)[12-13][13-14][14-15][15-16][16-17][17-18][18-19][19-20][20-21]
    • Internet Measurements (MSc in Telematic Engineering)[14-15][15-16]
    • Broadbad Networks (MSc in Telematic Engineering)[13-14][14-15][15-16]
    • Simulation (MSc in Telematic Engineering)[13-14]
    • On-line Social Networks Seminar (MSc in Communictions Networks and Services) at Institut Mines-Telecom Sudparis [11-12][12-13] 
    • BitTorrent Seminar (MSc in Communictions Networks and Services at Institut Mines-Telecom Sudparis [11-12][12-13]
    • Access Networks and Shared Media(2nd year, 1st Semester, Bachelor in Communication System Engineering)[09-10]
    • Communications Network Architecture Laboratory(5th year, 2nd Semester, Telecommunication Engineering)[07-08][08-09][09-10]
    • Telematics (3rd year, 1st Semester, Informatic Engineering)[06-07][07-08][08-09][09-10]
    • Multimedia Network Laboratory(3rd year, 2nd Semester, Technical Telecommunications Engineering: Audio and Image)[08-09]
    • Telematic (3rd year, 1st Semester, Telecommunication Engineering)[06-07][07-08]

Member of ADSCOM research group


Current Projects:
  • H2020 PIMCity [Dec. 2019 - Aug. 2022] (PI Rubén Cuevas).
  • BBVA Grant Project AERIS. [Apr. 2019 - Apr. 2021] (PI Ignacio Ortuño)
  • Ramón y Cajal Fellowship [Dec. 2016 - Nov. 2021] (PI Ángel Cuevas - Individual Fellowship)
  • H2020 SMOOTH [May 2018 - Jan 2021] (PI Ángel Cuevas). Dr. Ángel Cuevas will serve as Technical Coordinator of SMOOTH Consortium.
Past Projects:


- Q-Tag a transparent solution to measure ads viewability rate in online advertising campaigns
P Callejo, A Pastor, R Cuevas, Á Cuevas. ACM CoNEXT '19. Dec. 2019.

- Nameles: An intelligent system for Real-Time Filtering of Invalid Ad Traffic
A. Pastor, M. Pärssinen, P. Callejo, P. Vallina, R. Cuevas, Á. Cuevas, M. Kotila, A. Azcorra. The Web Conference '19. May 2019.

- Unveiling and Quantifying Facebook Exploitation of Sensitive Personal Data for Advertising Purposes
J. González Cabañas, Á. Cuevas, R. Cuevas. USENIX Security '18. Aug. 2018.

- Analyzing gender inequality through large-scale Facebook advertising data
D. García, Y. Mitte Kassa, Á. Cuevas, M. Cebrán, E. Moro, I. Rahwan, R. Cuevas. PNAS. June 2018.

- FDVT: Data Valuation Tool for Facebook User
J. González Cabañas, Á. Cuevas, R. Cuevas. ACM CHI '17. May 2018.

- Opportunities and Challenges of Ad-based Measurements from the Edge of the Network
P. Callejo, C. Kelton, N. Vallina-Rodríguez, R. Cuevas, O, Gasser, C. Kreibich, F. Wohlfart, Á. Cuevas. ACM HotNets '17. Dec. 2017.

- Independent auditing of online display advertising campaigns
P. Callejo, R. Cuevas, Á. Cuevas. ACM HotNets '16. June 2016.

- Assessing The Evolution of Google+ in its First Two Years
R. González, R. Cuevas, R. Motamedi, R. Rejaie, Á. Cuevas. ACM Transactions on Netowrking. June 2015.

- STARR-DCS: Spatio-Temporal Adaptation of Random Replication for Data Centric Storage
Á. Cuevas, M. Urueña, G. Veciana, A. Yadav. ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks. Nov. 2013.

- Unveiling the Incentives for Content Publishing in Popular BitTorrent Portals
R. Cuevas, M. Kryczka, Á. Cuevas, S. Kaune, R. Rejaie, C. Guerrero. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. Oct. 2013.

- Google+ or Google-?: Dissecting the evolution of the new OSN in its first year
R. González, R. Cuevas, R. Motamedi, R. Rejaie, Á. Cuevas. WWW' 13. May 2013.

- Is Content Publishing in BitTorrent Altruistic or Profit-Driven?
R. Cuevas, M. Kryczka, Á. Cuevas, S. Kaune, R. Rejaie, C. Guerrero. ACM CoNEXT '10. Dec. 2010.

- Dynamic Random Replication for Data Centric Storage
Á. Cuevas, M. Urueña, G. Veciana ACM MSWiM '10. Oct. 2010. BEST PAPER AWARD.

Full List of Publications
  • Jose González Cabañas. MSc + PhD Sep. 2016 -
  • Jesus Romero Leguina. PhD Sep. 2017 - (industrial PhD. Co-supervised with Rubén Cuevas)
  • Aritz Arrate, MsC + PhD Sep. 2017-
  • Reza Farahbakhsh. PhD May 2011-  May 2015. Senior Data Science Total. (Co-supervised with Prof. Noel Crespi)
  • Xiao Han. PhD Sep. 2011-  May 2015. Assistant Professor at School of Information Management & Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Co-supervised with Prof. Noel Crespi).
  • Nitin Dadlani. MSc June 2015. Consultant at Deloitte Spain.
  • Raquel Aparicio. MSc Nov. 2015. Working for startup company.

    • General Chair ACM MOBIWAC 2017, 2018.
    • TPC Chair ACM MOBIWAC 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.
    • TPC ICWSM 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019-2020-2021 (Senior PC member).
    • TPC Posters Track WWW 2015, 2016.
    • TPC Demo Track WWW 2015.
    • TPC IEEE GLOBECOM 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
    • TPC IEEE ICC 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.
    • TPC IEEE ISCC 2018, 2019, 2020.
    • TPC ACM MSWiM 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020
    • TPC IEEE LCN 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
    • TPC HOTPost 2013, 2014.
    • TPC IEEE ICON 2011, 2012, 2013.

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