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Bachelor's Degrees EHEA compatible
 - Telematics Engineering
 - Audiovisual System Engineering
 - Communication System Engineering
 - Telecommunication Technology Engineering
 - Informatics Engineering


Engineering Degrees Former System
 - Telecommunication Engineering
 - Tech. Telecommunication Engineering: Telematics
 - Tech. Telecommunication Engineering: Communication Systems
 - Tech. Telecommunication Engineering: Audiovisual Systems
 - Computer Science
 - Computer Science: Information Technology


Official Master's Degrees
 - Master in Telematic Engineering
 - Master in Telecommunication Engineering
 - Master in Computer Science and Technology
 - Master in Big Data Analytics


Master's Degrees
 - Máster in Management and Production in e-Learning
 - Master and Specialist in NFV and SDN




Bachelor Theses


The majority of the courses are taught at the Escuela Politécnica Superior of the Leganés Campus of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, although some courses are taught in the Colmenarejo Campus. The Department teaches courses in the following EHEA-compatible Bachelor's Degrees: Telematics Engineering, Audiovisual System Engineering, Communication System Engineering, Telecommunication Technology Engineering and Informatics Engineering. In addition, the Department teaches in several official Master's Degrees.

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