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Anna Maria Mandalari

Teléfono: (+34) 91-624-8859
Fax: 91-624-8749
E-mail: amandala@it.uc3m.es
Dirección: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Avda de la Universidad, 30
E-28911 Leganés (Madrid) Spain
Visitas: Escuela Politécnica Superior · Edificio Torres Quevedo ·
Despacho 4.1C01


    Anna Maria Mandalari was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy. She completed her MSc in Telecommunications Engineering at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria (Italy) in 2014 and her MSc in Telematics Engineering at UC3M (Spain) in 2015. Since August 2014 Anna Maria Mandalari is a METRICS Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher affiliated with the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), under the supervision of Marcelo Bagnulo. In 2015, she commenced her PhD with the Department of Telematic Engineering. During the first year of her PhD, she worked as intern for Telefonica Research in Barcelona (Spain) under the supervision of Dina Papagiannaki and Matteo Varvello and for SIMULA research laboratory in Oslo (Norway) under the supervision of Ozgu Alay and Andra Lutu. She has given invited talks in various research institutes, like NEC laboratories (Heidelberg, Germany), JNIC2015 conference (Leon, Spain), the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics (Saarbrucken, Germany) and in various conferences/meetings, such as the RIPE 72 meeting and the IETF 94 meeting in Yokohama (Japan) at the IRTF group hops. Her research interests are related to TCP, Security, middleboxes, large-scale Internet measurements, Web personalization and HTTP/2 protocol. Between March and September 2013 she was awarded an Erasmus Placement Grant at CTTC in Barcelona, Spain, working on the design and performance evaluation of energy-efficient Medium Access Control protocols with Energy Harvesting for M2M systems.

Some of my recent publications:
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