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Madrid, 9-11 May 2005


.LRN is an open source application suite for learning and research communities. Originally developed at MIT, and now part of MIT's Intellectual Commons, .LRN today is used by a quarter million users in more than eighteen countries worldwide. With a powerful underlying development framework that promotes scalable innovation for collaborative education, .LRN is used by higher education institutions, as well as K-12, government, and non-profit organizations. .LRN also provides a total cost of ownership significantly lower than custom or commercial solutions.

Two workshops related to .LRN will be organized in Madrid from 9 to 11 May 2005:

.LRN Users' Group Meeting 2005 (9-10 May 2005)

After Copenhagen in 2003 and Heidelberg in 2004, the .LRN Users' Group Meeting will come to Madrid in 2005. Proposals for talks and registration will be handled through the .LRN website. Workshop language is English.

Foro hispano de .LRN y software libre educativo (10-11 May 2005)

This is the first workshop on .LRN and educational open software to be held in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking community around the world. Invited speakers will include

  • Cesar Brea (ESM Associates, USA),
  • Rafael Calvo (U. Sydney, Australia), and
  • Rocael Hernández (U. Galileo, Guatemala),

among others. Presentations are not restricted to .LRN. Deadline for paper submission is 28 February 2005. Registration will be handled through the .LRN website. This event is associated to Online Educa Madrid 2005, to take place in Madrid, 11-13 May 2005. Registration is independent, but those registering at Online Educa Madrid and the .LRN workshops will get a 10% discount on both registration fees.

Both events will be held at Telefónica I+D premises in Madrid, in the C/Emilio Vargas, 6 building. There is one single registration fee for both events. The presentations for both events will be available through the web. Suggestions for accommodation will be made available through the UNED website.

Two other events are relevant in this context: a bug bash and the special issue.

.LRN Bug Bash (11 May 2005)

A bug bash session will be organized at UNED premises on 11 May 2005. Registration will be handled through the .LRN website.

IJCEELL Special Issue

A special issue of the International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning will be devoted to Educational Open Source Software. Submissions are accepted for this special issue until 30 April 2005. Author guidelines are available. It is also possible to submit a paper for presentation at one of the workshops and for publicaction in the journal.