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Paco Valera


Francisco Valera Pintor
Tenured Associate Professor

Phone: (+34) 91-624-8785
Fax: (+34) 91-624-8749
E-mail:    (PGP)
Address: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Avda de la Universidad, 30
E-28911 Leganés (Madrid) Spain

Visits: Escuela Politécnica Superior · Building Torres Quevedo · Office 4.1C06

Business card


  • Computer networks (3th course, Bachelor in Informatics Engineering)  since 2003-2004 until now
  • Computer Networks (1st course, Bachelor in Data Science and Engineering)  since 2018-2019, until now
  • Advanced Internet Architecture (Master in Telematic Engineering)  since 2008-2009, 2009-2010, until now
  • Standards and Communication Protocols (Master in Internet of Things)  since 2019-2020 until now
  • Communications Systems and Protocols (Master in Connected Industry 4.0)  since 2019-2020 until now
  • Security in 5G Networks (Master in NFV and SDN for 5G Networks)  since 2017-2018 until now
  • Coding Techniques (OpenCourseWare)

  • Coding Techniques(4th course, Telecomm. Engineer)  1998-1999 until 2009-2010
  • Computer networks I (4th course, Computer Science)  2003-2004 until 2009-2010
  • Network Security and Electronic Payment (MSc in Network and e-Business Centred Computing)  2005-2006 until 2009-2010
  • Coding Techniques (Period S1, Interuniversity Master of Science Programme in Telematics)  2005-2006 until 2008-2009
  • Communications Networks and Services (3er course, Telecomm. Engineer) 1998-1999 until 2007-2008
  • Redes de Computadores (4th course, Computer Science)  1998-1999 until 2003-2004
  • Redes y Servicios Internet de Nueva Generación (PhD course, Telematic Services Option) 2001-2002 until 2005-2006
  • Integración de Redes y Servicios de Banda Ancha (PhD course, Telematic Services Option) 2002-2003
If you are a young researcher, and would like to work with me, or with another researcher from the NETCOM Group, feel free to contact us.
We are permanently offering research positions for young researchers and PhD students.

Visit NETCOM (Networks and Communication Technologies) group web page.

Running projects:

  • LABYRINTH: Unmanned traffic management 3D path planning technologies for drone swarm to enhanced safety and security in transport (H2020-MG-2019-TwoStages-861696) 2020-2023

  • TRUE5G: Towards zeRo toUch nEtwork and services for beyond 5G (PID2019-108713RB-C52 / AEI / 10.13039/501100011033) 2020-2023


Previous projects:


  • 5G-Range: Remote area Access Network for 5th GEneration (EUB-2017-777137) 2017-2020

  • 5GCity: Gestión adaptativa de servicios 5G para dar soporte a eventos críticos en ciudades (TEC2016-76795-C6-3-R) 2017-2019

  • ARDA: African Route Collector Data Analyzer for the ISOC 2015-2017

  • DRONEXT: Despliegue rápido de una infraestructura de comunicaciones multiservicio para protección, seguridad y defensa (TEC2014-58964-C2-1-R) 2015-2016

  • TRILOGY 2: Building the Liquid Internet (FP7-317756) 2012-2015

  • LEONE: From local measurements to global management (FP7-317647) 2012-2015

  • DRONE: Diseño de red de comunicaciones para UAV de nueva generación (DN8644-COINCIDENTE-10032110042) 2011-2013

  • TRILOGY: Architecting the Future Internet (ICT-2007-216372) 2008-2011

  • CONPARTE: Contribución a los nuevos paradigmas y tecnologías de red para las comunicaciones del mañana (TEC2007-67966-C03-03/TCM) 2007-2010

  • MUSE: Multi Service Access Everywhere (IST-2004-507295) 2004-2007

  • E-NEXT: IST Thematic Network. Network of Excellence in Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies (IST-2004-506869)   2004-2006

  • E-NET: IST Thematic Network. Network of Excellence on Emerging Networking Technologies (IST-2001-37814)   2001-2003

  • PREAMBULO: Prototipo de red multiservicio de muy altas prestaciones basada en IPv4/IPv6 sobre multiplexación por longitud de onda (TIC2000-0268-P4-C03-01)   2001-2003

  • SMART-EC: Support for Mediation And bRokering for Electronic Commerce (IST-1999-10130)   2000-2003

  • ABROSE: Agent Based Brokerage Services in Electronic Commerce (ACTS: AC316)   1998-2000

  • ABS: Architecture for Information Brokerage Service (ACTS: AC206)  1996-1999





  • List of publications: Ordered by Year or By Type of Publication
  • Five most recent publications:
    1. Transport Layer Limitations for NFV Orchestration in Resource Constrained Aerial Networks
      Luis F. Gonzalez, Ivan Vidal, Francisco Valera, Borja Nogales, Victor Sanchez-Aguero, Diego R. Lopez
      MDPI Sensors. December 2019 [DOI](in JCR)
    2. VENUE: Virtualized Environment for multi-UAV network emulation
      Victor Sanchez-Agüero, Francisco Valera, Borja Nogales, Luis F. Gonzalez and Ivan Vidal
      IEEE Access. October 2019 [DOI](in JCR)
    3. Automated Deployment of an Internet Protocol Telephony Service on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Network Functions Virtualization
      B. Nogales, I. Vidal, V. Sanchez-Aguero, F. Valera, L.F. Gonzalez, A. Azcorra
      Journal of Visualized Experiments. October 2019 [DOI](in JCR)
    4. Enabling the Orchestration of IoT Slices in 5G Networks through Microservice-based Architectures
      Juan Manuel Fernandez, Ivan Vidal, Francisco Valera
      MDPI Sensors. July 2019 [DOI](in JCR)
    5. NFV orchestration on intermittently available SUAV platforms: challenges and hurdles
      Luis Félix González Blázquez, Ivan Vidal, Francisco Valera, Victor Sanchez-Aguero, Borja Nogales and Diego R. Lopez.
      2019 IEEE INFOCOM Workshop: MiSARN 2019: Mission-Oriented Wireless Sensor, UAV and Robot Networking. April 2019. February 2019 [DOI][UC3M repository]
Francisco Valera Pintor,
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