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María Calderón Pastor
Associate Profesor. National accreditation as full professor by ANECA

Phone:: (+34) 91-624-8780
E-mail: maria (at) it.uc3m.es
Address: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Avda de la Universidad, 30
E-28911 Leganés (Madrid) Spain
Visits: Escuela Politécnica Superior · Building Torres Quevedo ·
Office: 4.1.F12

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Current Interest Areas:

  • Vehicular Networks
  • 5G ultra-reliable and low-latency communication
  • Wireless networks and mobility in communication networks
  • Internet of Things


  • TEXEO: Tecnologías de Red Óptica Flexible y Elástica con capacidad de Tb/s para soporte de 5G. National Project (TEC2016-80339-R)
  • ADAS ROAD-EYE: Advanced Driver Assistance System for Road Environments. National Project (TRA2013-48314-C3-1-R)
  • GEONET: Geographic addressing and routing for vehicular communications (FP7-2007-ICT- 216269)
  • POSEIDON: Provisión Óptima de SErvIcios a reDes vehiculares en mOvimieNto. National Project (TSI2006-12507-C03).
  • DAIDALOS (1st phase): Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services (FP6-2002-IST-506997)
  • E-NEXT: IST Thematic Network. Network of Excellence in Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies (IST-2004-506869)
  • AURAS: (MCyT: TIC2001-1650-C02-01)
  • GCAP): Global Communication Architecture & Protocols for new QoS Services over IPv6(FP5 -1999-IST-10504)
  • Software Distribution Based on Reliable Multicast (CICYT: TIC97-0929)
  • Reliable Multicast for Service Engineering

  • Selected publications:
    • Strengths and Weaknesses of the ETSI Adaptive DCC Algorithm: A Proposal for Improvement.
      Ignacio Soto, Manuel Urueña, Oscar Amador, Maria Calderon.
      IEEE Communications Letters, Vol. 23, No. 5. Pages: 802 -805, May 2019.

    • Reducing Unnecessary Alerts in Pedestrian Protection Systems Based on P2V Communications.
      Ignacio Soto, Felipe Jimenez, Maria Calderon, Jose E. Naranjo, Jose J. Anaya.
      Electronics, Vol. 8, No. 3. Pages: 1-26, 2019.

    • Effect of content popularity, number of contents and cellular backup network on the performance of content distribution protocols in urban VANET scenarios.
      Manuel Urueña, Ignacio Soto, Isaias Martinez-Yelmo, Maria Calderon.
      Computer Communications, vol. 99, Pages: 13-23. February 2017.

    • Mobility and connectivity in highway vehicular networks: a case study in Madrid.
      5. Marco Gramaglia; Oscar Trullols-Cruces; Diabala Naboulsi; Marco Fiore; Maria Calderon.
      Computer Communications. Elsevier. Vol. 78, No. 15, Pages: 28-44 March 2016.

    • Vehicle to Internet communications using the ETSI ITS GeoNetworking protocol.
      Victor Sandonis, Ignacio Soto, Maria Calderon, Manuel Urueña.
      Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, vol. 27, No. 3, Pages: 373-391,March 2016.

    • ABEONA monitored traffic: VANET-assisted cooperative traffic congestion forecasting.
      Marco Gramaglia; Maria Calderon; Carlos J. Bernardos.
      IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 2. Pages: 50-57, 2014.

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