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NEWS (FP6-001906) News Engine Web Services
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The NEWS project belongs to the Information Society Technologies (IST) Work Programme of the European Communities' Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). For more detailed information on the project, visit please the NEWS Web Site.



The goal of the NEWS project is to extend the reach and delivery capabilities of online content provision and syndication services by developing a semantic-based news intelligence system that supports advanced personalized news discovery, analysis and presentation, and fosters interoperability across the news content provision and fruition lifecycle.

News content provision and syndication services have started to adopt basic information filtering tools, but go little beyond basic search and categorization. In keeping with "Semantic-based Knowledge Systems" strategic objective, NEWS addresses these shortcomings through a program of research and developement aimed at:

  • Using Semantic Web standards to define ontologies for the news content industry;
  • Implementing a content annotation component whikch automatically applies Semantic Web standards for the news industry to newswires;
  • Developing news content intelligence components with multilingual and multimedia capabilities, which use automatic news content annotation to support the semantic-based analysis, search, navigation, personalisation and delivery of knowledge from newswires, and
  • Integrating news content annotation and content intelligence components as Web services into a standard interoperable platform that enables end users and applications alike to find and utilise service components dynamically.

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