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Bachelor's Degrees EHEA compatible
 - Telematics Engineering
 - Audiovisual System Engineering
 - Communication System Engineering
 - Telecommunication Technology Engineering
 - Informatics Engineering
 - Bachelor's Degree in Data Science and Engineering


Official Master's Degrees
 - Master in Telematic Engineering
 - Master in Telecommunication Engineering
 - Master in Computer Science and Technology
 - Master in Big Data Analytics
 - Master in Cybersecurity
 - Master in Connected Industry 4.0
 - Master in Internet of Things: Applied Technologies


Master's Degrees
 - Master, Specialist and Expert in Educational Innovation. "Laboratory of the New Education"
 - Master and Specialist in NFV and SDN




Telecommunications Engineer, specialization in Telecommunications Systems (Technical Degree)

These courses are no longer available. This degree has been substituted by the Bachelor in Communication System Engineering

First Year
  • Fundamental of Telematics
  • Systems Programming
Second Year
  • Computer Architecture
  • Fundamentals of Commutation
  • Networks and Communication Systems I
Third Year
  • Advanced Applications on Telematics
  • Trends in Telematic Systems

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