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Publications of Pablo Serrano Yáñez-Mingot

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Last updated: 2017/08/23

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 Journal Publications
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 Selected Conferences
  • 20. Energy footprint reduction in 5G reconfigurable hotspots via function partitioning and bandwidth adaptation
    Nikolaos Bartzoudis, Oriel Font-Bach, Marco Miozzo, Carlos Donato, Pavel Harbanau, Manuel Requena-Esteso, David López Bueno, Iñaki Úcar, Arturo Azcorra, Pablo Serrano, Josep Mangues-Bafalluy, Miquel Payaró
    Fifth International Workshop on Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks (CLEEN2017), Torino, Italy, June 22, 2017

  • 19. A Flexible and Reconfigurable 5G Networking Architecture Based on Context and Content Information
    Dario Sabella, Pablo Serrano, Giovanni Stea, Antonio Virdis, Ilenia Tinnirello, Fabrizio Giuliano, Domenico Garlisi, Panagiotis Vlacheas, Panagiotis Demestichas, Vassilis Foteinos, Nikolaos Bartzoudis, Miquel Payaró, Arturo Medela
    European Conference on Networks and Communications, Oulu, Finland, June 12--15, 2017

  • 18. Making IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Programmable
    Evgeny Khorov, Artem Krasilov, Alexander Safonov, Pablo Serrano, Ilenia Tinnirello
    ICT-MobileSummit 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

  • 17. IEEE 802.21: A Shift in the Media Independence
    Antonio de la Oliva, Lucas Eznarriaga, Carlos J. Bernardos, Pablo Serrano, Albert Vidal
    ICT-MobileSummit 2011, 15-17 June 2011, Warsaw, Poland

  • 16. (Demo) "CARMEN: Resource Management and Abstraction in Wireless Heterogeneous Mesh Networks"
    Nico Bayer, Krzysztof Loziak, Andres Garcia-Saavedra, Cigdem Sengul, Pablo Serrano
    ACM SIGCOMM Demos 2010, New Delhi, India, Septembre 2010

  • 15. (Inv. paper) Throughput and Energy Efficiency in IEEE 802.11 WLANs: Friends or Foes?
    Pablo Serrano, Albert Banchs, Matthias Hollick, Luca Vollero
    ICST QShine 2009, Canary Islands, Spain, November 2009

  • 14. (Inv. paper) A CARMEN Mesh Experience: Deployment and Results
    Pablo Serrano, Antonio de la Oliva, Carlos J. Bernardos, Ignacio Soto, Albert Banchs, Arturo Azcorra
    1st IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Hot Topics in Mesh Networkings, 15 June 2009, Kos Island, Greece

  • 13. A MAC Layer Abstraction for Heterogeneous Carrier Grade Mesh Networks
    Pablo Serrano, Paul Patras, Xavier Pérez Costa, Bernd Gloss, David Chieng
    ICT-MobileSummit 2009, 10-12 June 2009, Santander, Spain

  • 12. Configuration of IEEE 802.11e EDCA for Voice and Data traffic: An Experimental Study
    Pablo Serrano, Albert Banchs, Jose F. Kukielka, Giuseppe D'Agostino and Sean Murphy
    ICT-MobileSummit 2008, 10-12 June 2008, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 11. Configuración óptima de redes WLAN 802.11e EDCA cursando datos y tráfico VoIP (AT4 WIRELESS best paper award)
    Pablo Serrano and Albert Banchs
    VI Jornadas de Ingeniería Telemática, JITEL 2007. Málaga, September 2007

  • 10. (Inv. paper) "A CAPWAP Architecture for Dynamic Configuration of QoS MAC Parameters"
    Albert Banchs, Gianluca Iannello, Pablo Serrano and Luca Vollero
    1st Workshop on multiMedia Applications over Wireless Networks (MediaWiN 2006)

  • 9. "The Daidalos Architecture for Mobility and QoS"
    Telemaco Melia, Marco Liebsh, Pablo Serrano and Albert Banchs
    World Telecommunications Congress Budapest, Hungary, May, 2006

  • 8. "Soporte de QoS en Redes de 4a. Generación"
    Carlos García, Antonio Cuevas, Jose I. Moreno, Ignacio Soto, Carlos J.Bernardos and Pablo Serrano
    Revista IEEE América Latina (IEEE Latin America Transactions), Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2006

  • 7. Error-Aware Scheduling and its Effects on Efficiency and Fairness
    Pablo Serrano, David Larrabeiti, Manuel Urueña and Antonio G. Marques
    11th Open European Summer School EUNICE 2005, Colmenarejo, Madrid, July 2005.
    also in IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 196, Jan 2006

  • 6. Tunable Least Served First
    Pablo Serrano, David Larrabeiti and Angel León
    11th Open European Summer School EUNICE 2005, Colmenarejo, Madrid, July 2005.
    also in IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 196, Jan 2006

  • 5. The DAIDALOS Architecture for QoS over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
    Gustavo Carneiro, Carlos Garcia, Pedro Neves, Z. Chen, Michelle Wetterwald, Manuel Ricardo, Pablo Serrano, Susana Sargento and Albert Banchs
    IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit, Dresden, Germany, June 2005.

  • 4. A Scalable Service Discovery Framework with Load Sharing Capabilities
    Manuel Urueña, David Larrabeiti and Pablo Serrano
    IFIP TC6 Workshops on Broadband Satellite Communication Systems and Challenges of Mobility, World Computer Congress (WCM), August 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France
    Broadband Satellite Communication Systems and the Challenges of Mobility. IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Vol. 169, ISBN: 0-387-23993-6

  • 3. Charging for Web Content Pre-fetching in 3G Networks
    David Larrabeiti, Ricardo Romeral, Manuel Urueña, Arturo Azcorra and Pablo Serrano
    Fifth International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services, QofIS 2004. Barcelona, Spain. ISBN: 3-540-23238-9.

  • 2. Field Evaluation of a 4G "True-IP" network
    Antonio Cuevas, Pablo Serrano, Carlos J. Bernardos, Jose I. Moreno, Juergen Jaehnert, H.-W. Kim, J. Zhou, Diego Gomes, Pedro Gonçalves and Rui L. Aguiar
    13th IST Mobile and Wireless Communications. Summit 2004. Lyon France 27-30 June 2004.

  • 1. Medida y Análisis del Tráfico Multimedia en Redes Móviles de Cuarta Generación
    Pablo Serrano, Carlos J. Bernardos, Ignacio Soto and Jose I. Moreno
    Jornadas Telecom I+D 2003, Madrid, 18-20 Nov 2003. ISBN: 84-89315-28-0
 Book Chapters
  • 3. "Towards Carrier-Grade Quality in Heterogeneous Wireless Mesh Networks"
    Johannes Lessmann, Paulo Loureiro, John Fitzpatrick, Pablo Serrano and Albert Banchs
    IGI Wireless Multi-Access Environments and Quality of Service Provisioning: Solutions and Application, 2011

  • 2. "Analysis and Configuration of IEEE 802.11e"
    Albert Banchs and Pablo Serrano
    Medium Access Control in Wireless Networks, Nova Publishers, New York, 2008

  • 1. Applications and Configuration of 802.11e Wireless LANs
    Albert Banchs and Pablo Serrano
    "Progress in Wireless Communications Research", Nova Publishers, New York, 2007
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